My life has become stagnant since a long time. It continues to be that. I desire pace, excitement, thrill, aim, movement. I wish I get successful in pulling myself out of this boredom. I want to get out of the slumber. I want to let go the laziness, boredom and move to the light of vigor, valor and suspense.

A dream

It was a dream that floated in my mind every day, every hour, every minute and every second of my life. I give it all as now I stand on the brink of chasing new aims, new heights, new goals and new ways. The things couldn’t turn real. It buried somewhere in my mind. Those dreams never got the wings to break free from the worldly chaos and fly to the dream turned reality. Those dreams pinch my heart, bruising it and tearing it apart. Wounds have left the marks showing a defeat for lifetime. A defeat to cry on, a defeat to carry on my shoulders for my entire life. This was the end of it. This was all i deserved to get. Hence it is said that dreams are just dreams.

My Story

I kept on running from things.I ran miles and miles, so far that i don’t even remember the place i started from.I have covered a long way leaving everything behind.Everything,the memories,the concern,the magic,”the love” ,the care and above all the pleasure of being  with him.

Though everything has now ebbed away,the feeling of being surrounded by someone who cares has disappeared as a plume of smoke. Even though it was inflicting pain on me but i kept my wishes on flame for them.For they were more valuable to me.The pain grew stronger and stronger day by day. Running away was meant to secure me from the detrimental after effects of what people were upto. But the things were the other way round. I am missing him even more.Or maybe the memories and not him.

Running from things has done no good to me.The people have not changed their  ways. They happen to be the same and have adjusted to new environment. The things have changed only for me.Only for me. They have expanded their horizon.They have moved on.It tears me apart to find that i had been missing on so many important things in life that these people have snatched.

I don’t want you as a part of my life.

I hate you.I hope that i never see you again.I wish that every inch of thought about you goes off my mind.Every breath of mine regrets meeting you.

Some relationships can’t go too far

I kept on loving her and she kept on hating me.
I never knew that every ounce of care i sprinkled on her,appeared to be an another strategy to her. I had always right from our childhood days tried to be her well wisher,so strong,that now all that I can is only wish.She trusts me the least and don’t even want me as the last person she would like to talk.I never came to know how these distances crept in?Why she behaves in this manner?
The relation which had to be the most pristine of all relations we share,is actually the other way round.She competes with me.She has an instinct to be always better than me.
She aspires for herself and not for us.She never cared but dishonoured me like everyone else.When the world turns rude i expected to resort to her and that she being a sister would help.But there’s another part to our stories.There is everything except love and care.
I have lost all ways to convince her.
I don’t care anymore.
All i want is to be quiet and think of it no more.I want to forget it all and start afresh.
Cause some relations thrive only cause we are born that way.

You and me

I am yours

you are mine

together we create passionate love divine.

Clutch me in your arms

as strongly as you can.

Impart me warmth

as long as you can

Quench my thirst

you can touch my lips

Keep me close

so we can hear our beats

Caress my body

Caress my soul

embrace me

as together we roll.

As i salvage myself

from being wasted

i am glad to have found you

who keeps me basted.

Using people to get things done.

As long as you allow yourself to be used,people stay with you all happy.The moment you retaliate with something similar they don’t take it. Aaahhh….What a cruel world and what cruel dwellers.
I thing these two words Friendship and Love will never find a place in my life.For now i feel that they don’t exist.I don’t know why the world is after turning me a stone,feeling less.I have been projected to so many neglects that my very soul shrinks day by day.And the worst part is that there’s not a single soul to lift me out.
Can somebody tell what my fault is.Should i allow myself to be used?

Decision of the past is a pleasure for now.

As i peep into all that i went throughout my life so far i celebrate
the decisions made,friends befriended,enemies kicked,heartaches tackled,
pain abolished,dreams imagined and purpose created.And the wounds have disappeared.
I am glad to have walked out of the path where you grew roses for me.
Those roses bore pain along.The thorns pricked.Nevertheless the barren field i undertook was far better.

I am glad to have chosen a life for myself.A life that guarantees none of
the fakes,flamboyance or any kind of pain.
This world has come as a result of my efforts.It is true to me,to my soul and
to my spirits.It is a creation whose author is only me.
Those blank pages of my life are waiting to be filled.Now i have my soul which
will write and define a journey wanted.
I can now change the entire plot,the entire chapter and even the characters.
The choices are mine.I can take a stand for myself,my dreams,my aspirations,
my hopes and every person i care for.

Cause i have chosen to be the creator of my destiny.

I’m Afraid

I like the way it has been framed.The thoughts have been woven so well.

whatever that's nice and whatever that's not

Written for a few people here and there

I’m afraid of all the hearts I’m yet to break,
All the happiness and smiles I’m yet to fake,
Of all the truth I’ll keep in disguise
And all the times I’ll fall for your lies.

I’m afraid of all the things I might know,
Know enough, know too little or more.
Of the people who promised every night and day
Just because… they had nothing else to say.

I’m afraid of the love you hide in your eyes,
Of blooming buds, meteor showers and starry skies,
Of not having you to witness our wishlist
Or forgetting that it’s you I should miss.

I’m afraid of the words you’d read,
All the rumours and fires you’d feed,
Of what you’ve made of me and more,
Of not having you at my front door.

I’m afraid of all the things I’d never say,

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I will wait

I will wait
wait forever and ever
for our destinies to meet
for our souls to unite
for our hearts to beat
for our stars to match

No matter you moved on
but i will wait my entire life
for your love
for your care

If at all your love was true
we will unite
No one would be able to hold us back.
We will be one
we will be together
The world will accept us,believe us and trust us.

With loads of love and faith ❤ ❤

To the creator who sits in heaven.